Unity Mission Statement

Unity aims to provide equal opportunities for all young people to achieve and develop into positive young citizens. For some this may require developing existing skills and capabilities and for others it may mean exploring their potential. For both it means a supportive and innovative way of working that helps our young people become productive young adults.

Unity was born in May 2005 as a response to the local social problems that the directors saw on a daily basis. These included unemployment, families living in poverty, low educational achievement, school exclusions and children entering the care system.

By creating innovative and engaging projects that captured young peoples attention, Unity quickly began to establish itself as a leading provider of services for children across North Staffordshire and more recently surrounding counties. We operate an Ofsted registered Independent School, numerous residential settings and a variety of community projects.

The main ethos behind the opportunities that Unity provide is through a community based approach which values social impact together with improving access to activities in the arts, sports and culture. We believe that all children should get the same equality of opportunities in life, and our staff teams work hard to create environments and projects that give young people the confidence and skills to become productive members of society.